The day of last judgment is coming.

The new breed and era of hip hop and R&B is near.

It is Doomzday!

Doomzday Entertainment, Inc. was founded in April, 2001 by Cecil “DJ C4” Trotman. This company will specialize in producing the future of hip hop and R&B sound. This is a serious entertainment company with serious and big plans. Doomzday is dedicated to music. Doomzday is dedicated to hip hop and R&B.
Doomzday is dedicated to the fans. Doomzday is dedicated.

Doomzday is planning to do it all, recording albums, performing shows, videos, everything that can possibly be done in the music industry that will eventually open other doors of opportunity in the world of entertainment. The emphasis is publicity and exposure. One of Doomzday’s main goals is that everyone in the hip hop and R&B world knows Doomzday and the artists under Doomzday Entertainment. In order to succeed at anything, it takes time, but just as companies like Def Jam and Bad Boy, you have to start somewhere, but, with the right personnel and chemistry, results can occur a little faster and the sky’s the limit. Doomzday is planning to sell hip hop and R&B music, worldwide meaning on a national and international level. This is not a joke and not a game. Doomzday is thinking and planning BIG.

Doomzday Entertainment is about turning the dream into reality. We are committed to giving the public what they want to hear, great sounds, phat beats, and hot lyrics that will make you want to sing and make your body groove. Doomzday will do it RIGHT and do it TIGHT. So, all you hip hop and R&B listeners, BEWARE, its coming. Last judgment is approaching. It will be here before you know it because there’s no stopping DOOMZDAY.

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